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We are seeking development funds for a unique new documentary film about the collaboration between Mexican publisher Antonio Vanegas Arroyo and master engraver Jose Guadalupe Posada. The two men worked together from approximately 1890 to 1913 producing thousands of images published in Mexico City. Their collaborative effort created a body of work that has influenced generations of artists, social movements, revolutions and journalism, yet no single documentary exists that records their contributions and influence. Such a documentary would serve to record key elements of the historical record of their contribution but also help to promote, educate and inspire future generations of artists, journalists, political scientists, and historians.

The opportunity exists to record through interviews with the oldest living members of the Vanegas Arroyo family and other related persons of immediate nature due to advanced age or poor health. The project will require relying on historical records: photos, broadsides, chapbooks, prints, lithographs, interviews with living relatives, artists, historians and experts.

The documentary itself will be a collaborative effort between filmmaker Victor Mancilla and art collector-curator James Nikas. The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA) of San Francisco, CA is serving as Fiscal Agent. Donations made toward the film will go through MCCLA supporting in part its wide variety of community programs www.missionculturalcenter.org and will provide the documentary vital development funding to enable capture of critical interviews with persons key to the historical background of the film.

Please visit the film website at: www.artandrevolutions.com. Help us to record and celebrate this rich history for future generations. Thank you!

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James Nikas

Victor Mancilla

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